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Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Kyere Nkansah authors Christian literature that ushers readers to live a Christ-filled life through a personal journey, study, and family—unlocking keys to a relationship with God, preparing for the end-times prophecies, and learning the secrets to family success.



This model is also known as A Student of Prophecy. Still, it has since been renamed A Student of the Prophecies Concerning the End Times to reflect its more comprehensive nature and recent revisions.

After 38 years of service in the ministry, I am still perplexed as to why almost 90 percent of messages preached in churches, broadcast on television or audio, and shared on social media are silent concerning the teaching and preaching of End Times Prophecies. I am still trying to understand why this is the case. Finding answers that are suitable to these queries is my objective here. On the other hand, this will help influence the minds of other ministers, Bible students, leaders, and Christians who may seek such material to preach and teach effectively.

This book, which functions as a student’s handbook, offers the reader a comprehensive education on the prophetic interpretation of the end times. This education covers a wide range of topics. It addresses the events that Jesus foretold would take place before the Second Coming of Christ, as well as the prophecies of the Old Testament regarding the End Times that have yet to materialize. It also discusses the events Jesus foretold before the First Coming of Christ. Who will make them occur, when, where, and how will they occur, and what kinds of strategies have come up to ensure they occur? After finishing this book, you can evaluate and evaluate your answers. (Matthew 24:1-51).

“When it comes to prophecies about the end of the world, most churches in our time are silent. That is the most recent revision of the book. Because Dr. Nkansah is a researcher who studies prophecies of the end of time and a student of apologetics, Dr. Kyere Nkansah is competent in debunking mistakes based on the all-too-common false prophetic doctrines. That is because he is a student of apologetics.

Ignite Your Prayer Fire

The Secrets of Getting God to Answer Prayers

People’s lives will turn out better if they pray at a young age. If you teach your children well, they won’t wander off like young adults. (Proverbs 22:6) This biblical supplement will assist children in being successful as well as maintaining their health. 3 John 2: I reward you if you succeed in whatever you do and enjoy good health while the prosperity of your soul increases. As a small child, both my great-grandmother and my father instructed me in the art of praying. Throughout my youth, my Pentecostal great-grandmother Naomi occasionally permitted me to lie in her bed. In addition, she would pray between the hours of three and four in the morning, which is three to four in the morning. In the aftermath, I accompanied her to church on Pentecost, even though I had been a Methodist since I was a youngster. I started praying, and as a direct result, the Holy Spirit of the Lord began instructing me on how to pray effectively at a variety of times and in several different ways when I was in my teens.

This book assists Christians in revitalizing their prayer life and overcoming challenges they may face. A believer ought to pray both defensively and offensively to circumvent difficulties. Prayers can become more effective using a variety of keys, strategies, and approaches. Rousing individuals from their sleep so they can make a firm decision to give their lives to Jesus Christ and step aside. “Keep vigil and pray to avoid falling into temptation. However, even when the spirit is willing, the body is unable (Matthew 26:41)

“The fundamental task and vision are to teach individuals how to avoid spiritual frauds, con artists, and dream visits so that they can meet demons in their private prayers without fear,” said the group leader.

The Secrets of Family Success

Knowing More About Family and Success

The primary organizational structure of God’s kingdom is the family. Humanity needs to coexist in communities with one another. The nuclear family unit already has all the elements of a community. People in communities, just like people in families, have to figure out how to coexist with one another, how to manage their roles, and how to work toward living in harmony. It takes a lot of work, but when everyone in the family has faith in God, in each other, and in the possibility of living a peaceful life, a successful family can strive after His kingdom together.

The Secret of Family Success aims to teach you how to coexist in an interdependent, holistic, and amicable manner with your family members. It teaches you the different identities that members of your family may have, how to relate to them, how to respect the sacredness of marriage within a family, and how to seek God together with your siblings, friends, and other relatives.

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